We provide free staff training on a quarterly basis for our care home clients. These sessions, which are arranged at a time that best suits care home staff, are designed to raise awareness about common eye conditions and diseases that may be affecting the quality of life of their residents. For example, loss of vision or discomfort can affect balance, co-ordination and mobility leading to falls and loss of confidence. Sight problems may also stop residents enjoying their hobbies, such as reading and playing dominoes or cards.

We carry out our interactive training sessions in a relaxed environment whereby care home staff can ask questions, try simulation spectacles on in order to give them a real life understanding of how certain conditions affect an individuals eye sight.

We bring along our own projector and presentation equipment and we provide certificates for staff once the session has been completed. If you think your staff would benefit from a training session, please call us on 01484 301372 to book a session.