Visual Display Unit Regulations

It is vitally important that employers are aware of the Health & Safety Regulations applying to all visual display screen equipment, i.e. computer screens and monitors, in relation to employee health and well being.
One of the main problems encountered by using workstations is eye strain, which can lead to headaches, fatigue, sore eyes, staff absenteeism and ultimately reduced productivity. As an employer you may be liable for potential claims against you, should you not adhere to the regulations.

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 state that employers must:
[1] Ensure that employees are aware of their entitlement to regular eye tests by a registered optometrist, with the cost of the eye test met by the employer in full.

[2] Carry out a risk assessment of workstations used by employees in order to reduce any identified risks.

[3] Ensure that employees take regular and adequate breaks from looking at their screens.

[4] Provide their computer users with adequate health and safety training for any workstation they work at.


Eye Care Vouchers

It is current practice that employers purchase eye care vouchers in bulk from an approved provider. They then give these to employees who can take them to an optometrist and redeem the voucher for a full eye test. However, for one reason or another many vouchers simply do not get redeemed and the initial company spend is wasted.

Many corporate clients now prefer to use our business approach of physically going into the work environment and carrying out employee eye tests on site. We simply invoice our clients for each employee tested, ensuring that only those vouchers being redeemed are actually paid for and ultimately saving the company from unnecessary spend.


Your personal satisfaction with our service is of utmost importance to us. For peace of mind, we provide a full 12 month aftercare service including any repairs and adjustments, for you and your new glasses. Therefore if any adjustments or repairs are required all you need to do is contact us on 01484 301372 and we will come out to you at a time that best suits you.

Spectacle and safety spectacle dispensing

Following your eye examination, if spectacles or safety spectacles are required, we can help you determine which frames and lenses are most suitable for your face shape, lifestyle and personal preference. We have a wide selection of frames to choose from including low-priced glasses, modern lightweight frames and designer eyewear that we are able to offer at very affordable prices. We also have the very latest corrective lens options, including bifocals, modern progressive power lenses (varifocals), photochromic (‘Transitions’ lenses that darken on exposure to specific types of light, such as UV), and ultra thin designs.

Once you have made your choice of spectacles, we will arrange for them to be made to your specification and will deliver them directly to you free of charge at your workplace.